Project Description

When a friend of mine was about to launch her own business we somehow ended up talking about websites and social media presences. The costs of logo design, website design and how expensive it can get if you contract an agency.

I have been working with web related topics (Java EE stack with JSF/PrimeFaces as a frontend for our ECM product) since 2012. So I thought: why not save her some money and offer my assistance. Obviously our technology stack at work is not the most modern or hip, but the core is still the same.

We decided against tightly coupled solutions like Jimdo and rather went with a more open and flexible approach: WordPress. Luckily the logos were finished at that time and a rough color scheme was already in mind.

The idea was simple: create an environment that can be used and maintained solely by the business, with an easy way to add content. I’m not looking for continuous work in my spare time, but of course I will always be helping out in some way or another.

So we made the necessary purchases (hosting provider, domain, WordPress theme) in order to get started setting up and configuring the “framework”. After some initial preparation and guidance how everything works it was time for the content. My job now was to ensure that everything ends up where it needs to be in case there are technical barriers. In multiple online sessions (due to the distance between our homes and this pandemic thing) we were able to bring a very nice website to life.

Work Done (completely or partially by me)

  • Organization (Hosting Provider, Domain)

  • Administration (Accounts, Mail Addresses, SSL)

  • WordPress (Configuration, Theming, Plugin Integrations, Security, Backup)

  • Branding, CI/CD, CSS/JS Customizations

  • General Consulting, Knowledge Transfer

  • GDPR Compliance, SEO

In hindsight it has been a fun time and great experience to get a refresh on current web technologies, but also to dive deeper into topics that I had only basic knowledge of, e.g. GDPR and SEO. Lastly it’s great to see how much WordPress has improved since the last time I used it over five years ago. In the end I had so much fun that I actually created the current website based on the same tools.

Go check out the website now (German language only):