Project Description

A while back I saw this post on Geekhack about the numpad GH80-3700 from Cherry. Long story short: I wanted one, too. Since they’re no longer manufactured I created a listing notification on eBay and got lucky after a few months.

Time to start modding: I cleaned everything, bleached the case, modded the existing Cherry MX Black switches, replaced the PCB and plate and finally soldered/assembled everything back together.

Check out the detailed list of modifications, image gallery, (semi professional) before & after comparison and the short video of the startup audio below!


  • Bleached case with ready to use Retr0bright alternative

  • Cleaned and lubed stabilizers with Krytox 205g0 and dielectric grease

  • Lubed the switches with Krytox 205g0

  • Filmed the switches with TX films
  • Installed replacement PCB by including AST1109MLTRQ audio chip

  • Installed replacement custom POM plate (cut by

  • Built and flashed custom QMK firmware with the USSR anthem as the startup music


Before & After

Startup Audio